Kids can role-play more than 40 different real-world professions and learn about real life in a fun way.



The University prepares children for higher education, giving them a chance to get a degree in their chosen field and earn more kidZos in the related professions within KidZania.

For more specialist training, the Acting Academy gives children an introduction to different roles, building their communication and confidence skills as they produce a talent show and street dance at the city clock.



Kids take centre stage at the Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania, which hosts various shows throughout the day. At Al Aan TV Studio children can try different roles such as floor manager, camera person, and host their own entertainment show.


Food & Beverages

Just like a real city, there are lots of places to eat and drink in KidZania. But unlike the outside world, children can get involved in the cooking, from making healthy snacks at Fade Fit Kids Healthy snack facotory to flipping burgers at McDonald’s to creating their own pizzas at Pizza Express.



KidZania is looking for better ways to fight diseases caused by germs and microbes;

Join our group of scientists in the Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab to work together and develop new and safer ways to help people sanitize their hands and surfaces.


The local government has hired our Microsafe Infection Control Centre.

Join our team of experts and help make sure our citizens and tourists are safe, providing disinfection service around the city.



Little broadcasters are born at the Radio Station, where children work together, learning how to produce radio shows and report news bulletins which are played on the airwaves throughout the city for everyone to hear.



Money management continues at the Department Store, with cashier and stock manager roles giving children confidence in financial literacy, while visitors to the store can spend their kidZos just like money in the real world.



The service industry is the beating heart of society. The Rove Hotel gives children a glimpse of the hospitality industry, from reservation and check-in to serving food and housekeeping.  


Little ones can keep the city safe too, with roles at  Governmental services such as Dubai Customs, and the Dubai Police Station, where they can improve their alertness as well as attention to details skills. 



Every child arriving at KidZania must check-in and get their city map at the Emirates Airlines check-in desks, and they can also go back and discover how a real Airport and Aircraft work.

The RTA City Bus Tour gives children a layout of the city and teaches little ones how to ride safely on a bus alone, while kids feeling a little more independent can get a driving licence at Emirates Driving Institute and take to their city streets themselves at KidZania’s Driving Streets.



Kids can test their sports skills at table foosball and billiards in the Games Room, where children can hang out with new friends they've made during their day at KidZania.

The new KidZania Titans can also test kids physical abilities on a challenging obstacle course.