Kids can role-play more than 40 different real-world professions and learn about real life in a fun way.



The University prepares children for higher education, giving them a chance to get a degree in their chosen field and earn more kidZos in the related professions within KidZania.


Children can express emotions, use their senses and explore colors at the Painting School. Children retain the spelling of a word much better when they are writing the word out by hand. So learning calligraphy and handwriting are definitely an incredible way to develop fine motor skills and increase memory retention. Children can join our Arts and Crafts activities and improve their fine motor skills.



DJ Skills are an amazing way to get children involved in Music at the DJ Corner, which promotes craftsmanship and reasoning. Kids take centre stage at the Metropolitan Theatre of KidZania, which hosts various shows throughout the day.  For more specialist training, the Acting Academy gives children an introduction to different roles, building their communication and confidence skills as they produce a talent show and street dance in the city.


Food & Beverages

Just like a real city, there are lots of places to eat and drink in KidZania. But unlike the outside world, children can get involved in the cooking, from making healthy snacks at Fade Fit Kids Healthy Snack Factory to preparing their own Happy Meal at McDonald’s to baking their own pizzas at Pizza Express. Work at the Kinder Chocolate Factory and walk out with your Kinder Bar. At the new Arla and Danish Dairy Board Organic Milk Smoothie Bar, all visitors both adults and kids can bike blend their own smoothie. Grab a quick snack in our Reel Cinema Café or satisfy your sweet tooth with Ice Cream at Gelato Divino



KidZania is looking for better ways to fight diseases caused by germs and microbes. Join our group of scientists in the Microsafe Antimicrobial Lab to work together and develop new and safer ways to help people sanitize their hands and surfaces. The local government has hired our Microsafe Infection Control Centre. Join our team of experts and help make sure our citizens and tourists are safe, providing disinfection service around the city.


Visit Appolonia Dental Clinic and become an expert in Pediatric Dentistry, learn and develop healthy habits for good oral health.


Put health first and make a difference when joining the team of doctors at our own American Hospital taking care of new born babies, helping patients at the Imaging Center or raising awareness about eye health at the Ophthalmology Center.



At Al Aan TV Studio children can try different roles such as floor manager, news reporter and anchor their own entertainment show. Join us on air to entertain the city with latest news and updates, be our local RJ at WattZ 99.9 Radio Station!



After working hard in the city, children can spend their hard earned KidZos on the various items at our Department Store using their KidZos. Visitors can enjoy face painting service for a small additional fee, or buy souvenirs at KidZania Shop before leaving the city. 



Get your Debit Card and head to our Al Hilal Bank for your KidZos Transactions as soon as you enter the city.The service industry is the beating heart of society. The Rove Hotel gives children a glimpse of the hospitality industry, from reservation and check-in to housekeeping! Kids can keep the city safe too with roles at Governmental services such as at the Dubai Police Station where they can improve their vigilance and skills. Enrol in our Emirates Driving Institute Driving School and get your license to drive our Kool Cars in Driving Street. For the more brave, work as Fire Fighters at NAFFCO on Emergency Calls and save the City! Where does our water come from? At Aquafina Bottling Plant, we teach you the process while you work as Production Engineer. At the Skechers Kids Shoe Design Studio, through engaging activities and interactive demonstrations, children gain insights into the fascinating world of shoe design, production, and craftsmanship.



Every child arriving at KidZania must check-in and get their boarding pass at the Emirates Airlines counters, and they can join our Aviation Academy to learn Pilot and Cabin Crew duties.
The RTA City Bus Tour gives children a layout of the city and teaches them how to ride safely on a bus alone.



Kids can test their sports skills at table foosball and billiards in the Games Room, where children can hang out with new friends they've made during their day at KidZania. The KidZania Titans can also test kids physical abilities on a challenging obstacle course.